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We're going to CHANGE how you approach HEALTH. And we're going to give you the POWER to confidently and easily handle most of the day to day wellness issues that come up. Even if it's the middle of the night.


Watch this 3 minute video with Molly to find out MORE...

It's like having a Naturapathic Doctor at your fingertips. 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

You can take action, right now, and try our program for FREE, and we won't even ask you for a credit card. We're going to provide you unlimited access to our Personal Natural Health Consult for 3 days. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to use, and how quickly you'll find the best and closest natural remedy for you or your family.

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What do you do when?

Your child is sick.   And screaming.

And it's 3:30am.


You're not feeling well.  


 You've hurt yourself?  

What do you do??  How can you handle these everyday situations?

And we all prefer to use Natural Remedies when we can.  Nobody wants to take more drugs than they have to.  But there are THOUSANDS of remedies to choose from.   It takes years of training and experience to find the right remedy.  And if you don't get the right remedy, you won't get better.  And that's not helpful at all.

How can somebody find the best and more suited remedy for themselves? Especially, in the middle of the night?

We've got answers.

Are you ready to take control of your HEALTH and WELLNESS?

We've taken 200 years of Natural Medicine and created a simple website that will take you by the hand, and get you to the PERFECT Remedy.

MyNaturalHealth.Solutions will work with your computer, tablet, or even YOUR phone.

The site will ask you a series of yes/no questions.  At the end of the diagnostic, the site will recommend a Natural Remedy that is an exact match for your health concern at that moment.  

You can run a diagnostic case on yourself (or a family member) in less than three minutes.

You have to see it in action to understand how easy we've made it for you.

Key Points that matter to you:

Quick-less than 3 minutes to get you the answer.

EASY- we use plain language and step-by-step questions.

Safe- we're recommending Homeopathic remedies.  They've been proven safe and effective for over 200 years, and there are no drug interactions, or side-effects.  Even safe for very small children and babies.

Accessible (Anytime, anywhere)

Affordable-MyNaturalHealth.Solutions is within the reach of anyone.    The remedies that we recommend are available at any health food store or online.  And they're very affordable.  Between $5-$8 for a 3 months supply if you're taking them every day.

EFFECTIVE!  As you develop the habit of running the cases on your family, you'll be amazed at how powerful the RIGHT remedy can be.

Get Started with us in 3 easy steps:

1:  Watch this 3 minute video with Molly.

2: Watch the demonstration Video below to see how quickly a case is completed.  

3:Sign up for a FREE, no obligation Test Drive (no credit card or payment information required) 




Special Coupon Code: bestmadecustomer


copy this to lock in a 50% discount from the monthly subscription rate:    bestmadecustomer


Customer testiminoal

Great tool for family health

Linda - usa

It's like having a 24/7 HOTLINE to a qualified Homeopath

I have 4 children under the age of 7, and one of them always has something going on. I have a Homeopathic remedy kit (I highly recommend that you have one on hand). I run the symptoms through the website, and I get a remedy recommendation that works. If I don't have the right remedy on hand, I run to whole foods and buy it there.

The remedies are about $6-10 each. You can get a kit with 100 remedies for less than $150.00. This is very effective and affordable. For any family.

Sommer - Kentucky, USA

Can be used by a teenager.

I use this all the time. It's easy.

Madlina - Florida

This is a demo of the system

Hi, we had people ask for a demonstration of the program, so this quick video will show it in action. It's pretty cool. We can get a really good remedy recommendation in less than 3 minutes by asking quick easy questions.

Miro - usa